We buy foreclosures in Mesa AZ

If you’re upside-down on your mortgage payment and are about to experience foreclosures in Mesa AZ then you need to read this. You can act quickly and avoid experiencing the foreclosure of your home.

It is simply unfortunate that many people have had to face the foreclosure of their homes. Sadly, more and more people will have to deal with foreclosure now or very soon, as we continue to observe the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global economy.

What is a Foreclosure?

Foreclosure refers to the legal process where a mortgage lender can reclaim property from the borrower. This refers to when a mortgage lender enforces their security interest in real estate by forcefully selling the property on which the mortgage is owed.

In Mess Az, mortgages on properties and houses are secured. This means that the mortgage lender gives the borrower a loan based on a pledge that the property is collateral.

When the new homeowner falls behind on their payment, the lender may choose to foreclosure the property. This is a rather unfortunate and alarming situation to be in. Nevertheless, the truth is that foreclosures in Mesa AZ do not have to be so dreadful because you are never without an option.

Foreclosures happen when people have debts on their house and are unable to pay them, leading to the lender reclaiming the house.

Let’s talk about Mesa, AZ foreclosures, and short sales.

All about foreclosures in Mesa AZ

When it comes to Mesa foreclosures, having a short sale is one of the options people consider. Selling to cash buyers is the other option.

We’ll talk about these options starting from short sales.

A short sale as an option to avoid facing foreclosures in Mesa AZ

A short sale is one way people try to take out of facing foreclosures in Mesa AZ. It is simply when a lender accepts to take a payment less than the amount that is owed on the home mortgage.

Short sales are approved by Banks in situations where they believe a financial difficulty or hardship exists.

Now, this is a dicey one because the financial difficulty is subjective and is not determined only by how much a person earns but also by the person’s expenses. Additionally, the conditions under which your house has enterered pre-foreclosure may not qualify it for a short sale. If this is the case for you, them you may want to begin considering the other option, a cash buyer.

Selling your house to a cash buyer

Selling off your house to a cash buyer before it joins the list of foreclosed homes in Mesa AZ is a great option to explore. And we can come in at this point to work with you.

This option comes along with a lot more optimism when you realize that you don’t have to lose your home to foreclosure; you can sell your house and get cash immediately without making any repairs because we buy as-is.

If you’re considering the option of selling your house before it joins the foreclosure homes in Mesa AZ, that’s a great decision and we’re here to make it an easy process for you.

How do we make selling your house easy?

  1. We will pay cash! Yes. You do not have to worry about payments because we’re all about cash payments and we guarantee a fast close.
  2. You can sell without making any repairs. This is because we buy in “as-is” condition.
  3. Closing costs are not your burden to bear. We will handle.
  4. We are direct, so there are no fees or commissions.
  5. There are no inspection or appraisal contingencies.

If you need more information, we can explain how we work and answer your sales questions and concerns. Give us a call at 480-848-7173, or 337-227-9200, (if you are in Louisiana).

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