Selling a house that needs repairs: How to sell a house as-is

Every now and then, people are in positions where they’re wondering how to go about selling a house that needs repairs. What do you do if you need to move to another city and want to sell your house as quickly as possible but the house needs repairs?

Or if for some other reason, you need to sell off a house fast but you can’t find buyers because the property needs to be repaired?

It’s not easy or financially savvy to fix a house that needs a lot of repairs before searching for a buyer. So oftentimes, we get emails from people with concerns such as “my house needs so much work”, or “my house needs major repairs and I want to sell it as-is, what can I do?”. For all these people and more, we usually have just one answer: have you tried selling your louse to Tgaz Investments LLC?

In this post, we’re giving you all the information about how to sell a house that needs major repairs. We’re not holding anything back on the topic of selling a house that needs repairs. So if you need help, and have been looking for great advice about how to sell a house that needs work, just keep on reading.

Many people have found the answers they need on how to sell a house that needs repairs by following our guidelines on selling a house that needs work; we are sure you will too.

Selling a house that needs work: the A-Z

If your home needs repairs and making extensive repairs by yourself is out of the question, (probably because of the time or money involved), then you must certainly be wondering how to sell an old house or how to sell an old house that needs work.

Before we get into the business of how to sell an old house that needs work, we must first ask a very important question: is it even possible to put a house that needs repairs on the market?

Can you sell a house that needs repairs?

The simple answer? Of course, you can. Although you may not readily find buyers who have needs for a house with so many repairs, you can still sell your house quickly and in “as-is” condition. Let us look at the options available for people selling a house that needs repairs.

What options are available when your house needs to be repaired?

  • List the house and add “as-is” in your listing.

Listing the house for sale and including “as-is” in your listing immediately lets any potential buyer know that you don’t intend to make any repairs on the house and that what they see is what they get.

When you do this, the buyer may still ask to come and inspect the house, but it is important to let them know the terms of the sale, as letting them know ahead that you’re selling a house that needs repairs erases any unrealistic expectations that they may have.

Of course with this option, you’re very likely going to get lower prices from the buyer than you would have gotten if you made repairs before listing.

  • Do a little home improvement and repairs.

We know what you’re thinking, but hear us out.

We know what you really want to know is how to sell a house that needs repairs “as is” but if you have some money and time to spare, you can improve your chances of getting a buyer and getting a better deal by making just a few inexpensive improvements to the house.

You can choose to do this by tackling only the highest priority items.

A lot of people willing to buy may be okay with a home that needs just some cosmetic fixes.

You can channel your energy towards the most important home improvement items — the repairs that stand out and are likely to put the buyer off.

Things like leaks, molds, or pest control might be a good place to start.

How to make an offer on a house that needs work

If you have a home in disrepair that you need to sell, you have two options to explore, but before we talk about them, there is something you need to consider when selling an older home or selling a home as-is, and it is asking yourself how much repair does the house need?

If you’re selling an old house with lots of repairs, you already know that your buyer is most likely not a family looking for a house. Even if the family is interested in buying a house that needs repairs, they’re definitely not going to consider it if the repairs are too many or cost too much. What you need is a cash buyer.

Therefore, to sell your home in disrepair, you can either:

  • Go the traditional route of hiring an agent and listing the house on the market.

The job of the hired agent is to market and promote your house. They are also to advise you on what to do. Of course, you’ll pay them. They take about 6% of the price that you eventually end up selling the house. With a real estate agent, you get to reach more people who can be potential buyers. There’s also a possibility of ending up with a high net proceed.

However, we can not rule out the fact that your agent most likely can not reach the buyers you need, especially if you’re selling a house that needs repairs. You will also need to clean the house and do some repairs. Not mentioning the preparation you’ll have to undertake in order to make the house presentable enough for showings.

Using real estate agents may get you a high sale price if you list your house, but you will most likely need to carry out all necessary home repairs (which sort of defeats the intention of selling a house that needs repairs), and bear the costs associated with selling your house the traditional way.

Nevertheless, if you choose to go the traditional route, then we wish you happy home repairs.

  • Find a cash buyer

The second option is one that allows you to sell your house without any cleaning, repairs, or waiting. If you’re wondering how to get rid of a house that won’t sell, then you need to get on the phone with us here at Tgaz investments.

No matter how long you’ve tried to sell the house and how many disappointments you’ve met, you can come to us. We buy as-is, guarantee a fast closing, and we assure you of a huge reduction in all sales and closing costs.

How to get rid of a house that won’t sell

If you need help selling a house that needs repairs, then call us today at 480-848-7173 or 337-227-9200.

We may not offer you as much as you’d get using the traditional home selling route, but we assure you of the best possible offer for the condition of your house. You can also rest assured that you will encounter no extra fees or commissions.

You are also relieved of other burdens of lengthy paperwork and complicated sales processes. Additionally, there is no inspection, or appraisal contingencies; we just want to buy your house.

Get on the phone with us today.

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