Is your home listed on the dreaded list of pre-foreclosure homes in Gilbert AZ? Let us walk you through the concept of pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, and your way out of it.

Understanding these concepts and the options available to you is a great way out of the unpleasant place that facing a foreclosure puts you in.

How are pre-foreclosure homes in Gilbert AZ handled?

The foreclosure process in Gilbert AZ is largely a non-judicial process, (meaning that it often has very lttle or no interferance from the court), unlike what is obtainable in other states. It is governed by a deed of trust that is recorded and executed during purchase.

This gives your lender the liberty to proceed with a Trustee’s sale and foreclose your home without first consulting with or informing the court, this is what is meant when it is referred to as a non-judicial process.

There is a judicial foreclosure option available for lenders in Arizona however, and sometimes, this option gives the lender some rights that they may not have had access to if they had chosen the trustee’s sale option.

Whether the lender decides to go for the non-judicial or the judicial foreclosure option, they are to initiate the foreclosure by sending you a default notice in a written document, followed by the formal notice of the trustee’s sale or service of a lawsuit. In many cases, if the borrower has the financial means, they can cure the default after they receive this notice by immediately making payments to the lender for all the back payments including other costs that may have been incurred.

However, what happens in the case where you do not have means of payment? Foreclosure on your property.

What can you do about an impending foreclosure?

If you have mortgage debt that you don’t have the means to pay for and your home is about to join the list of pre-foreclosure homes in Gilbert AZ, you may be feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do. This is not a great place to be in because it comes with a lot of questions and pressure.

Foreclosed homes in Gilbert AZ are homes that have been reclaimed by banks or lenders because the borrower is unable to pay for their mortgage. Foreclosures in Gilbert AZ happen right after the pre-closure phase and people in the pre-foreclosure phase should begin to consider options like selling the house for cash or getting in on short sales in Gilbert AZ.

In the short sale of a real estate property, the lender will usually accept less than the amount of money that you still owe them in mortgage payments, and this is ususally facilitated mainly because of two reasons:

  • You are so way behind on your mortgage payments that your mortgage lender is convinced that you won’t be able to catch up. Usually, you’re already on the list of pre-foreclosure homes in Gilbert AZ.
  • The house in question is usually worth less than what is left as the balance on the mortgage. This is usually brought about by fluctuations in the housing market.

Regardless of what you may have heard about short sales, in most cases, they are often a savvy way fior both the lender and the homeowner to avoid going through the hassle of Gilbert foreclosures. You can read more about short sales here to decide if it is an option that you can consider.


When it comes to foreclosures, a stitch in time definitely saves nine. Being quick to act prevents things from getting worse.

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