How to navigate Apache Junction foreclosures

Are you about to be a victim of Apache junction foreclosures?

Foreclosures in Apache junction AZ are not an easy process to go through. If you’re wondering what foreclosures in Apache junction AZ or foreclosures, in general, are like, we’ll explain the process to you in this article dedicated to doing so.

What are foreclosures and how can they affect you?

If you fall behind in paying your loan or you breach the agreement in some way or the other, your service provider may refer the defaulted loan to a trustee or an attorney for foreclosure and add your house to the foreclosed homes in Apache junction AZ.

The process of foreclosure differs in different states but there are two major types of foreclosure. They are the judicial and nonjudicial foreclosures.

What is a judicial foreclosure?

The judicial foreclosure process involves going through the court.

The judicial foreclosure process begins when an attorney files a lawsuit on behalf of the lender in court to foreclose the property.

You (the borrower) will receive your copy of the lawsuit or complaint (also called a petition). This starts the foreclosure process.

After this, you are then given a number of days, (usually 30 days), to respond to the lawsuit.

Failure to respond in court will make the court grant a default judgment of foreclosure in favor of the lender.

Sometimes, even if you respond, the court may still decide that the foreclosure should proceed. If this happens, the court will set a foreclosure sale date. This is typically an auction where the public, which includes the foreclosing party, can bid on the property. The highest bidder wins and becomes the new owner of the home.

What are non-judicial foreclosures?

Non-judicial Foreclosures, (which is the type of foreclosure that is often employed in Arizona) generally do not involve any Court Action.

Although Arizona uses the non-judicial Foreclosure most times, they are also allowed to use the judicial foreclosure.

Every state is allowed to use the judicial foreclosure process, but a number of them also permit nonjudicial or “power of sale” foreclosures.

In the nonjudicial foreclosure process, an attorney or trustee, on behalf of the lender finishes certain out-of-court steps in the foreclosure process.

Generally, a nonjudicial foreclosure may involve the following steps:

  • Sending you a notice of default in the mail that lets you know how much time you have to reinstate

recording the notice of default in the local land records office.

  • Mailing you a notice of sale that tells you when the property will be sold.
  • Setting the sale at a public auction just like in a judicial foreclosure. Note that it is also possible for you to get a notice of default and sale at the same time.

What can you do when facing Apache Junction foreclosures?

If you get a notice that your house has entered into pre-foreclosure, we can take it off your hands by buying it from you. What’s more is that we will pay cash or provide you with favorable buying terms, which is the best thing you need at such an urgent time.

Selling your house does not have to be a herculean task. It doesn’t have to take months and a lot of stress. We eliminate these factors by ensuring a fast close. We also buy the house off your hands in “as-is” condition and eliminate the possibility of all inspection or appraisal contingencies.

This means that you do not have to make any repairs to the house before selling or worry about all the processes that go into selling a house.

Additionally, selling your home to us before it joins the long list of Apache Junction foreclosures will subsidize the amount due to be paid in closing costs. We are the direct link, so you also do not have to worry about fees or commissions.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to sell your house as-is, then this is definitely for you.

TGAZ investments LLC provides individuals who want to sell their house with some of the finest options for getting out of a pre-foreclosure. Hurry up and get on the phone with us today to avoid going through the process of Apache Junction foreclosures by calling  480-848-7173, or 337-227-9200, (if you are in Louisiana).

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