Inheriting a house from a close associate or family member can leave you filled with lots of emotions and throw you into a pool of questions especially if you’re selling an inherited house.

Here’s the thing:

When you inherit property or inherit a house, you need to learn and understand a few things.

You have inherited a house, great. But now you are saddled with the responsibility of figuring out what to do with the inherited house.

When you inherit a house, the first thing you need to know is that inheriting property encompasses more than just financial gains. Your real estate inheritance can also lead to an increase in legal and financial obligations. So you want to ask yourself some crucial questions like what are the tax implications of inheriting a house?.

You will also need to provide for the maintenance, and discuss with any family member or close associate who shares a stake in the property (if there are any) as you think and plan the next step forward.

We know it seems like a whole lot, but that’s why we’re here to help you. Whether you’re wondering what to do when you inherit a house or all that’s on your mind is “I inherited a house and I want to sell it,” we want you to take a look at the ten points below and the great offer we have for you afterward.

7 things you may not know about inheriting a house

  1. Financial And Legal obligations

In order to be in control of the daily monetary dealings, you need a plan consisting of expenses needed to maintain the home. It should cover the following areas:

  1. Insurance
  2. Outstanding debts
  3. Mortgage


  1. Obtaining the title after inheriting a home

To be in complete ownership of the home you’ve inherited, here’s what you need to do. Please note that these steps differ according to the state you’re in:

  1. Get a copy of the death certificate.
  2. Attain the original will of the deceased.
  3. Send the original copy of the deceased’s will to court.
  4. Ascertain the previous deed on the record only had a single owner on it.
  5. Be certain the home was deemed as homestead property; this small detail can affect its taxation.


  1. Inheriting a house with a mortgage

If the house you have inherited has an active mortgage on it, then you may have to either take up the payments or sell the house.

However, if the mortgage is paid off by the estate or you have inherited a house without a mortgage, then you’re free from any form of financial obligation, except, of course, the necessary property taxes.


  1. Do I need to pay taxes on an inherited house?

If you’ve just inherited a house, then “Do I need to pay taxes for an inherited house?” should be one of the pertinent questions on your mind.

The answer is no. Inheriting a house does not incur any tax. But what you eventually decide to do with the property may attract different kinds of taxes.


  1. Are there other stakeholders in the property?

You have to find out and be sure of this because every decision you make has to involve the stakeholders if there are others involved.


  1. You need to decide what you want to do with the house

You have three options: Live in it, rent it out, or sell it. Each option is fine, you just have to be aware of the implications of taking any option.

I inherited a house, now what?

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