Are you facing foreclosures in Tempe AZ?

The period between when a notice of default comes and the sale of foreclosed homes in Tempe AZ is the preforeclosure period.

For people experiencing foreclosures in Tempe AZ, this period is a precious moment to use to salvage the situation and possibly avoid the topic of foreclosures in Tempe AZ altogether.

You can count on us to tell you that Tempe AZ foreclosures are not things you want to experience, especially on your own.

Tempe AZ foreclosures are emotionally as well as financially draining. Nobody wants to go through the roller coaster of life that is Tempe AZ foreclosures.

But just like we said, if you’re experiencing foreclosures in Tempe AZ, the preforeclosure period is your best friend, as it is the one chance you get to wriggle out of facing the full blow of foreclosures in Tempe AZ.

How do I get out of foreclosures in Tempe AZ?

One of the ways to get out of foreclosures in Tempe AZ in the preforeclosure period is to pay what you owe to your lender and stop the Tempe foreclosures process.

As the borrower, during this period, before your home joins the list of foreclosure homes in Tempe AZ, you still legally own the home, so there’s still time to save your house from joining the foreclosure houses in Arizona and to save yourself from all of the unpleasantness that comes with it.

If you don’t have the money it requires to pay your lender in the preforeclosure period to save your home from becoming another foreclosure home in Tempe AZ, there are still other options available to you.

Some options that are available to you

People experiencing foreclosures in Tempe AZ may want to explore the option of contacting their lender to explain their financial woes. This could help them stop the foreclosure process, particularly if the lender determines that they are eligible for a special payment or relief plan.

Failure to pay what you owe, contact your lender, or sell your house for a quick bail-out (we’ll talk about this shortly) will only lead your house into the league of foreclosure houses in Arizona. You will receive a notice of sale created by your lender, and your house will join the much-dreaded list of foreclosures in Tempe AZ. This notice of sale may be published in your local newspaper and might also be posted on your property.

After you have received a notice of sale, your lender will prepare to put your home up for auction. This includes setting a date and time for the sale.

At this point, your home is now officially a foreclosure home in Tempe AZ.

Let’s talk about selling your home to avoid Tempe foreclosures

We at TGAZ investments works with people who want to avoid Tempe foreclosures by buying their house from them. We don’t only buy your house, but because we understand the need for you to sell your house quickly, we buy it in “as-is” condition, guarantee you a fast close, and pay you in cash or favorable terms (usually with your mortgage lender).

We pay all closing costs as well and we are direct, so there are no agent fees or commissions attached.

Selling to us gives you the advantage of time and the luxury of choice. You can contact us today at 480-848-7173, or 337-227-9200, (if you are in Louisiana) to sell your foreclosure home in Tempe AZ.

Inspection and appraisal contingencies do not apply.

Do I have to move out of my house during foreclosure?

Foreclosures do not come along with much regard for the situation you might be in. Once your house is sold by your lender, you have to move out of it.

You do not have to move out of your Foreclosed Home in Tempe AZ until the foreclosure process is done and complete. This may only take a few months or up to a year.

But the moment your house is sold, you have to vacate the property.

Remaining on the property beyond your legal right will only lead to the new homeowner or lender starting a formal eviction process, which is an extra inconvenience that you certainly don’t want.

Get on the phone with us today instead to begin the process of getting your foreclosure home in Tempe AZ sold.