Dealing with Carefree, AZ foreclosures?

If you have an issue with Carefree, AZ foreclosures, you will have to deal with it sooner or later. We imagine that you’re probably not in the best place mentally and financially, as Carefree, AZ foreclosures are demanding in every way for homeowners and they come with devastating aftermaths, especially on the home owner’s credit report.

Anybody potentially facing the process of Carefree, AZ foreclosures is most likely on a search for the best solutions for their situation.

In situations like this, it is best to consider your options wisely but quickly. Make a decision that not only gets you out of the situation, but may also get you some cash.

What should you expect after going through Carefree, AZ foreclosures?

Apart from the plethora of bad effects that foreclosures have on you, they also leave you in a bad financial state. Believing that a foreclosure is a sale and you may make money from it is risky. This is because you do not know the state of the Carefree AZ real estate at the moment, and neither do you know how much your foreclosure Carefree AZ home for sale will make at auction.

If your Carefree home is foreclosed on, auctioned, and sold by the lender, there may be nothing in it for you. Worse still, if what the house is sold for is below the amount you owe, your lender may file a lawsuit against you, asking you to pay what’s left. If this happens, you do not only lose your house and money, you also have to give out more money in addition to what you have lost.

We’re sure you do not want that. This is why many homeowners opt for selling their house before it goes into foreclosure.

Selling your house to avoid foreclosure

If you’re able to act fast when you see Carefree, AZ foreclosures looming on the distant horizon, will you be able to salvage the situation by adding your house to the long list of houses for sale in Carefree AZ? Well, not quite.

Adding your house to the list of Carefree AZ houses for sale in the traditional way will most likely not get you the result you want. This is because it will take time and you do not have that time if you are facing Carefree, AZ foreclosures.

People who put up their Carefree AZ homes for sale the traditional way are often people who have nothing at stake and can afford to let time pass while they list their Carefree Arizona homes for sale and wait for buyers.

Instead of putting up your house on the long list of homes for sale in Carefree AZ, these are two options you can explore: a short sale and a cash sale.

What is a short sale?

A short sale is a way out for people experiencing Carefree, AZ foreclosures. It lets you sell your Carefree home and use the proceeds from the sale to pay off your mortgage — regardless of if the proceeds amount to the full loan balance or not.

This is because lenders would usually be willing to take a financial loss on short sales.

The downside is the fact that a short sale is not an option for everyone and it certainly does not work in every situation. The homeowner needs to contact their mortgage lender or servicer one on one to ask if a short sale is possible and what the associated requirements are.

Selling your home to a cash buyer

The second selling option is selling to a cash buyer. We at TGAZ investments LLC are cash buyers who buy Carefree, AZ homes for sale by owner. People who are dealing with Carefree, AZ foreclosures can sell their house to us and we will pay cash.

We understand the emotions that come with being in the position that foreclosures put you in, thus we try to work hand-in-hand with homeowners, and be as quick as possible by ensuring a fast close. We also save you thousands of dollars that would otherwise have been swallowed up in closing costs and eliminate the need for extra fees and agent commissions.

If you have any Carefree, AZ homes for sale by owner, contact us today, and let’s get the process started. Our numbers are  480-848-7173, and 337-227-9200, (if you are in Louisiana).

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