Craigslist Phoenix: Top 5 things you should know before you sell your house

Are considering using Craigslist Phoenix to sell your home? You need the right knowledge on Craigslist phoenix to help you finalize that decision and navigate your selling process.

The decision to sell your house is a huge and important one that can decide a lot in your finances in the long run. Such a decision needs to be taken with utmost care and the right knowledge.

Before you sell your house, especially if you are considering a platform like Craigslist, it is important for you to know the complete scope of what you’re doing and how it affects you. We must point out that putting up your house for sale should never be a decision made from comparing yourself with someone else or trying to do what someone else did. It must be motivated by the right things.

Many Arizona-based sellers opt for selling their house on craigslist Phoenix because of the seeming ease that comes with it. They conclude it’s the easiest way to sell since all you have to do is put the house up and the buyer will come to you. But is it really?

Let us look at the pros and cons of selling a house on Craigslist.

Pros of selling a house on Craigslist Phoenix

  • Craigslist has been a great selling tool for decades now and it has definitely helped some people sell off their stuff.
  • Craigslist is fast and user-friendly. It is easy to add your house to the list.
  • With Craigslist Phoenix, there is no listing/selling fee in many markets.
  • You also get to enjoy being anonymous if you want your identity protected. No one has to know that you are the one selling the house on there.
  • No doubt, Craigslist has done a superb job over the years. They have terrific traffic, so you’re sure going to get a lot of people seeing your house.

Cons of selling a house on Craigslist Phoenix

Even though Craigslist is a good option for people looking to sell certain kinds of houses, it has some cons that you really want to look into.

Craigslist may be a good option for houses that do not meet the standard to take out a mortgage on, or for houses that can not be sold to a standard buyer because of their state; nevertheless, it comes with its disadvantages which are discussed below.

  • Even though Craigslist phoenix may have great traffic, and many people may see your house when put out for sale, these viewers hardly ever convert to the buyers you want.
  • People don’t exactly find great buyers for their houses on Craigslist. “I never once got an interested, qualified individual and closed on a property. Never,” says Michael Winslow, top agent in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who used Craigslist before and stopped.
  • You also run the risk of falling victim to scams using Craigslist. People have been scammed of their money and scammed into renting houses that weren’t up for rent.

A better option than Craigslist

People go for Craigslist because they want to avoid stress and other demands the come with selling your house. If this is you, then you have no cause for concern.

At Tgaz Investments LLC, we make the process of selling your house as easy as possible. We erase unnecessary stress by buying your house as it is without appraisal or any burdensome vacillating.

Our carefully thought-out and designed buying process helps you save a lot of money that you would have spent paying for associated costs that come with selling a house. In addition, we are a reputable cash buyer and we are ready to make you an immediate offer – that’s much more reliable than any buyer you are bound to find on craigslist.

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