Can you sell your house before paying off the mortgage?

In what ways can you sell your house before paying off the mortgage?

Can you sell your house before paying off the mortgage? This is a question a lot of people are asking due to the difficult financial situations that they’ve been plunged into for different reasons.

If you have this same question, today we bring answers.

There are various reasons why people look for authentic information on selling a house with a mortgage. Thanks to the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not in the best of times economically and only a small percentage of people in the country have not been affected by this.

Many people are finding it difficult to keep up with their bills and expenses. So it is definitely nothing strange for a person to default on their mortgage payments.

However, defaulting on mortgage payments has future implications. Even if you are given some time, the time will eventually elapse and drastic measures (which can have equally drastic effects on your credit rating) will be taken against you.

If this is your current situation, then you may have sought out some wise counsel and they may have told you that you have only a few options. They may also have told you that the inability to pay your mortgage lender will land you in serious trouble with your credit rating. This is incorrect, as it can be avoided.

Now, to the big question: can you sell your house before paying off the mortgage?

The short answer to that question is a resounding yes.

However, there are intricacies and we’d like to enlighten you about them and suggest how we can make selling your home with an active mortgage debt even better for you.

Sell your mortgaged home easy and fast with Tgaz Investments

If asking “can you sell your house before paying off the mortgage,” you need to know a few things like how much you still owe on your mortgage, – you can easily get this by checking your account online or your statements – and the current value of your home. The best way to get the most accurate value is by asking a professional real estate agent. We can do this for you.

If you have decided to sell your house due to the fact that you have defaulted on your mortgage payments, and you do not want to have to go through the stress involved in staging an appraisal or dealing with paying up the debt by yourself, all you have to do is sell the house to us and we will take care of your mortgage for you.

We at Tgaz Investments LLC, are professionals at helping people create a better selling model for their houses. If you decide to sell to us, we would take up your mortgage, negotiate a deal with your lender on your behalf, and start making payments. This way, we have helped you avoid foreclosure and mitigate the deleterious effect it will potentially have on your credit rating.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about repairs, renovations, and the extra closing costs that are incurred as a result of agent fees.

We have created an easy buying process to replace the usual strenuous process of selling a property and all the expenses that come with it. Our simplified process ensures that you make and get the best out of your current situation and that you retain the bulk of the money that comes from the sale of your home.

So if you’re afraid that your current mortgage agreement might end up in foreclosure, you can simply reach out to us and we will take it up from there.

Call today at (480)-848-7173.

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